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At The Farthest Pixel, we don’t do boring. The breadth of our knowledge and skills in instructional media and design enables us to develop the best solutions across a range of challenging instructional design problems. From course design to audio and video production, game design, graphics, animation, and 3D modeling, we invest in knowledge and skills development in the latest techniques and technologies in order to bring our clients the very best in online learning.

Founded by a professional instructional and interactive media designer who has studied how the design of online technologies and interactive media can emulate and enhance the ways we naturally learn, we not only don’t do boring, we can’t do boring. Creative thinking is part of the learning process, and we push the limits for our clients, and ourselves, every single day.

So, if you’re looking for a team who can help you meet your next instructional design challenge – develop a exemplary online course, learning object, or even just to consult on how to best structure an online program or training scenario – we can help.


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