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Our Team Wears Many Hats

The Farthest Pixel is a full-service instructional design firm that specializes in visual, time-based and interactive media design technologies steeped in education theory to provide the most engaging and immersive environment and online learning experiences.

The breadth of services and capabilities offered through The Farthest Pixel and the process we use to develop learning solutions are what sets us apart. Instructional design is often approached wearing just one hat – that of an instructional designer. The Farthest Pixel believes it is important to include individuals with a range of skill sets and experiences in the early stages of project analysis in order to land on the ultimate, optimal solution. Online learning and immersive environments today include an enormous range of technologies. These are growing and changing every year. It is critical in developing lasting learning solutions – those that translate into the application of new knowledge – that organizations begin with the most up to date, skilled educational service provider to insure a sound investment of their instructional dollars.


Amanda Robertson

CEO, Owner

Amanda Robertson has worked in the educational design industry for more than twenty years and is founder and CEO of The Farthest Pixel. Holding a degree Graphic Design with graduate studies in instructional media and animation, Amanda has long studied how education theories and advances in modern media and design, partnered with a global Internet, can mimic and augment the natural ways we learn.

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Our Core Values

Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to find the best solution for a given learning challenge. The key word here is “best.” There isn’t a one size fits all learning solution. But by relying on our design process and embracing the diversity of skills, knowledge and life experiences each team member brings to the project we can confidently trust in discovering the very best solution.

There are several critical ingredients that combine with our design approach to achieve a successful outcome. This has to do with people. From the immediate space in which we work, on out to the community we live in, we each contribute to a trusting and curious atmosphere where contributions, big and small, success or failure, are appreciated.

While the path is unique to each learning challenge, this approach to learning is consistent.

Our Culture

At The Farthest Pixel, we believe in something we call The Three C’s:

Teams do their best when they know they’re supported by their colleagues. When working in an environment that allows them to be brave in their explorations, even if it takes them down a path that isn’t ultimately successful. Because we know that no great invention ever came about before first discovering a great many failures.

Not only do we encourage bravery and acknowledge failure as an important part of success, we foster a community of joy and caring, fun and play, in our every day work experience. Collaboration, true collaboration, means everyone participates. Synergy. Everyone contributes. Even the client! Great design only occurs when a diverse set of people with different perspectives and different backgrounds freely contribute to the solution. At The Farthest Pixel, we work hard to foster project teams that can pull this off.

Often the biggest roadblock of a project’s success lies with a lack of communication somewhere along the pipeline. We use technology to aid our daily communications on projects, between each other and clients, such as shared calendars and project management software (Teamwork – they’re awesome!), and hold a variety of meetings to insure everyone has a voice and knows where the project is along the timeline. Some meetings are quick “standing meetings” while others will be less frequent project team meetings.

We work very hard to hold up to these values because we know they support a happy, healthy work environment and are therefore vastly important to our organizational success. So, if we ever drop the ball please be sure and let us know!


We Believe in Giving Back to the Community We Live In.

We use our shared interests and skills with others in hopes to enrich and improve the community and environment in which we all live. For example, we may assist a non-profit through our design services for a special event or initiative, particularly those affiliated with improving local communities or the environment. If you have an idea where you think we might contribute, please let us know. We prioritize our efforts in the non-profit sector, but there are also cases where we will contribute to for profit organizations.

If you’re a non-profit interested in working with us on a project or event, please contact us and be sure to include the word “outreach” in the subject line. Or you can email us directly at info@thefarthestpixel.com

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Interested in being part of our team? Great! We happen to think we’re pretty cool people to work with.

Take a look below to see our open positions. If you don’t see an opening that’s right for you, feel free to send us your resume and portfolio. We may have an upcoming project opportunity you might be perfect for! Send inquiries to: info@thefarthestpixel.com

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