AmandaSanFranAmanda Robertson has worked in the educational design industry for more than twenty years and is founder and CEO of The Farthest Pixel. Holding a degree in Graphic Design with graduate studies in instructional media and animation, Amanda has long studied how education theories and advances in modern media and design, partnered with a global Internet, can mimic and augment the natural ways we learn.

Amanda focuses on strategic solutions that enable clients to not only solve the problem at hand, but to identify ways to scale a solution to contribute to broader organizational goals. Her current research interests focus on instructional animations, gamification and the use of simulations to enhance student learning.

As the Assistant Director of Educational Media Development with North Carolina State University, where she worked for ten years, she explored solutions with a diverse team of designers and developers to the most challenging courses to teach online in a university setting. In this role she identified larger university challenges in teaching online and identified ways to scale technologies and solutions to meet the growth of an accelerated online presence at NC State. One that would continue to participate in and contribute to best practices in leveraging the latest in teaching technologies around the globe.

Through her previous company, IMedia, Amanda worked primarily with K12 educators designing learning solutions that allowed students around the globe to share and discover together via the Internet. Projects included a K12 educational hands-on website for the NC Museum of Art, cross-cultural websites for students studying about Russia and West Africa, and an online “Cyber Middle School” for language arts students to create and share their own online student characters and stories all over the world.

She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Art + Design in the College of Design at North Carolina State University where she has taught for over ten years. She won the Gertrude Cox Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology for her course design.

Amanda has exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, and the New Britain Museum of American Art with the EAT Collaborative. She has presented her work at several national conferences, including Educause, National Middle School Association, Museums and the Web, the National Society for Experiential Education and the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, and has published her research on design process and online cross-cultural education systems in the International Journal of Social Education.

She serves as co-chair of NC Climate Solutions Coalition, a non-profit organization working with communities across the State of North Carolina to adopt a resolution to move to 100% clean renewable energies by 2050. She leads a local group of volunteers in Chatham County in Chatham Clean Path, an effort by local citizens to support solar energy use in all areas of the county by 2030.  She serves on the board of Abundance NC, supporting local, sustainable communities in North Carolina. Additionally, Amanda is a leader and lecturer in the Climate Reality Leadership Program and a volunteer for and NC Warn.