About Amanda

Amanda Robertson is CEO and owner of The Farthest Pixel, a full service instructional design and media development firm based in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Everybody’s Talking About Gamification

A recent article put out by the Wharton School of Business with the University of Pennsylvania shares several ways companies are using gamification as a motivator for employees, particularly in sales fields. Of course, as with any successful design solution, a sound understanding of what the solution should accomplish and an analysis of the target audience are critical

E-Learning: A Projected $243 Billion Dollar Business by 2022

Classrooms are emptying and e-learning is growing exponentially in both the corporate setting as well as k12 and higher education. Internet technologies have improved and become more powerful and diverse, and interactive media technologies have seamlessly ported to the Web. Today, the ability to meet learning needs in an online environment have