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Amanda Robertson is CEO and owner of The Farthest Pixel, a full service instructional design and media development firm based in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Sustainable Development Impact Summit

The UN met a few weeks ago in New York City. Most of us knew about this because President Trump was in the news. But something important was also going on for business. There was a meeting of governments working together to identify a plan to meet the U.N.'s Sustainability Development Goals by 2030. Big

Smartphones and Learning Theories

In 2018 the number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated at 224 million. With a U.S. population of about 325 million (2017), this means that unless you’re under 5 years old, chances are you own a smartphone! Mobile devices are everywhere – in schools, restaurants, corporations – we carry them everywhere we

Duolingo + Pearson

Last time I traveled to Mexico for vacation I took Duolingo along on my phone to brush up on my Spanish. I think its a fun and quick way to learn a language - I even made a game out of it with my husband to quiz each other. Because its a mobile app we

Serious Games – Minecraft

"Crystal Island: Uncharted Territory" is a game developed by researchers at NC State University studying games and learning. The research of Dr. Hiller Spires and Dr. James Lester at NC State University investigates how games can influence problem solving for middle grade students in STEM education. I first looked at their work back some five

eLearning meets CSR in Louisiana

eLearning Academy, based in Louisiana, offers free online courses to flood victims across the state. Talk about giving back to the community you serve! Truly awesome!!

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