An App that Pays to Learn – Literally

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An App that Pays to Learn – Literally

Wait, what? Yes, a new app called CashEnglish rewards users with cash prizes for playing educational games. An article in The Economic Times reported this new app is out in beta for both Android and iOS for free.

CEO Alan Moonsoo Kim, whose first company Etoos sold for $30 million, has been working in the online education industry since its inception over 15 years ago. “People used to have to pay for education, and since then we’ve seen a huge push in the industry towards free online services,” says Kim. “But we’re looking to take it one step further, where people all over the world will actually get paid to learn. We intend to disrupt the industry so that others have no choice but to follow.”

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Amanda Robertson is CEO and owner of The Farthest Pixel, a full service instructional design and media development firm based in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

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