NC Live – Open Textbooks

The Open Textbooks animation for NC LIVE describes the challenges students face today with the exorbitant cost of school textbooks and the offerings provided by NC LIVE's Open Textbooks program. Challenge(s) NC LIVE is a library cooperative in North Carolina and supports both public and academic libraries. They have a program where they support "open

Newton’s Laws

Challenge(s) WGBH Boston, a PBS affiliate, was developing an educational website about Newton's Three Laws of Motion for middle school students as an educational resource for teachers. Solution(s) UNC TV hired The Farthest Pixel to develop three animations demonstrating the three laws using baseball as the story example. Scripts and voiceover were provided by UNC

The Hill Center – Course Design

Challenge(s) The Hill Center, a school and training center for both teaching students with learning differences and training K12 teachers on how to teach students with learning differences, desired an enhanced design approach for their online courses that would also include branding for their online course portal, (delivered through the LMS LearnUpon) and their courses, that

Home Horticulture

Challenge(s) Learning horticultural practices has traditionally been a hands-on process. Students interact with the plants, soils and tools to both learn and affirm their understanding of concepts covered. Expanding the offering of this course to online delivery was necessary to meet the demands of this popular course for college students both within and outside the

Statistics and Probability

Challenge(s) Students of a psychology class were having difficulty dealing with processing statistical data. The students needed to be familiar with the processes used to examine data and identify trends and relationships within that data. The practices for analyzing this data required students to follow specific steps, and were necessary building blocks for the course and future

Trot to Trophy

Challenge(s) Students of an introductory course on equine science at NC State University have widely varying backgrounds in the subject matter. Many have worked with horses since they were very young, while others have no experience at all. The challenge here was to give all students the opportunity to easily review and understand the application