Online Business Certificate Courses

Challenge(s) UNC Kenan-Flagler, through a partnership with Fortune Magazine, desired a set of online certificate courses be developed for entry and mid-level managers across the global business community. As one of the top four online MBA programs in the country, these courses had a high bar of excellence that would support the reputation of this

The Hill Center – Course Design

Challenge(s) The Hill Center, a school and training center for both teaching students with learning differences and training K12 teachers on how to teach students with learning differences, desired an enhanced design approach for their online courses that would also include branding for their online course portal, (delivered through the LMS LearnUpon) and their courses, that

Home Horticulture

Challenge(s) Learning horticultural practices has traditionally been a hands-on process. Students interact with the plants, soils and tools to both learn and affirm their understanding of concepts covered. Expanding the offering of this course to online delivery was necessary to meet the demands of this popular course for college students both within and outside the

Plant Pathology vLab

Challenge(s) Plant diagnosis is the primary challenge in this online course, historically taught in a classroom with traditional laboratory equipment available for hands-on instruction of these processes. The steps of the scientific method when applied to plant diagnosis include macro observation of signs and symptoms in a sample plant, followed by a series of tests, development

Biochemistry of Gene Expression

Challenge(s) Biochemistry of Gene Expression is a 400 and 500 level course offered at NC State University to undergraduate and graduate students. Among a wide range of topics in the course, students study the physical properties of DNA and RNA, the processes of replication, transcription and translation and how they interact in terms of protein

Animal Nutrition – Digestion and Metabolism

Challenge(s) A series of four animations were needed to convey complex digestion and metabolization processes in animals, predominantly on a microscopic level. Students needed to understand how both lipids and proteins are broken down into usable materials in animals’ bodies, and then how those materials are later used. Solution(s) A set of unique characters were