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Home Horticulture

Challenge(s) Learning horticultural practices has traditionally been a hands-on process. Students interact with the plants, soils and tools to both learn and affirm their understanding of concepts covered. Expanding the offering of this course to online delivery was necessary to meet the demands of this popular course for college students both within and outside the

Trot to Trophy

Challenge(s) Students of an introductory course on equine science at NC State University have widely varying backgrounds in the subject matter. Many have worked with horses since they were very young, while others have no experience at all. The challenge here was to give all students the opportunity to easily review and understand the application

Sculpture Online

Challenge(s) This is perhaps the project that turned the most heads in a double-take... "What?! You're going to teach sculpture online?!" The challenges in teaching any hands-on course online consistently involve the instruction around the hand work and the ability to review and correct the work of the students, and provide timely feedback toward improvement.

Digital Imaging

Challenge(s) Digital Imaging is a critique-based digital design course. Students learn several of the Adobe design applications while employing design principles and theories taught in the course. The course was traditionally taught in a computer lab, which limited enrollments to the number of computers in the lab to about 18. To meet a growing demand