In design we look first to the problem to be solved and identify any constraints the solution must adhere to. Constraints might include things like: “It must be delivered online.” “It must be available only to enrolled students.” “It must meet accessibility standards.” “It must adhere to xyz branding guidelines.” Defining the problem is also very important because through this we will know if our solution meets the necessary criteria.

We have presented the items in our portfolio to include both the Project Challenge (or the “problem”) as well as the Project Solution (how we solved the problem). Most projects are found under a variety of categories, such as animation, video, as well as e-learning, etc. Rarely do we have a project come our way that only requires one solution, or where that one solution only requires one form of media or one skill set. Design, as with many fields, is highly collaborative and requires many skill sets to afford the designer the very best solution to solve a given problem.

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